Gethsemane 4×24

Scully: Mulder, the only lie here is the one you continue to believe. Mulder: After all I’ve seen and experienced, I refuse to believe that it’s not true! Scully: Because it’s easier to believe the lie. Isn’t it? Mulder: What the hell did that guy say to you, that you believe his story!? Scully: He said… Leer más Gethsemane 4×24

[Video Vault] Crusade. Visitors from Down the Street Crusade fue un spin off de la serie de ciencia ficción Babylon 5, transmitida en 1999. Tuvo 13 episodios antes de su prematura  cancelación, en Latinoamérica la transmitió Warner Channel. El penúltimo episodio tiene una de las parodias/referencias/homenaje a The X-Files, más curioso y extraño de los que podamos encontrar. Entre otras curiosidades, podemos… Leer más [Video Vault] Crusade. Visitors from Down the Street

Demons 4×23

Mulder: I had those peoples’ blood on my shirt, Scully. I was missing for two days. I have no recollection of my actions during those two days. There were two rounds discharged from my gun. I had the keys to this house, the keys to their car. Do the words “Orenthal James Simpson” mean anything… Leer más Demons 4×23